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Company Profile.


Founded in 1968, Mato Industries is an ISO 9001 company in the field of Bronze Bushings / Washers and similar Parts. We manufacture parts in various copper Alloys such as Phosphorus Bronze, Brass, Gun Metal, High Tensile Brass, Aluminium Bronze and other Copper Alloys. We manufacture the parts using various technologies such as Gravity Die Casting, Sand Casting, Continues Casting and Drawn Rods depending in the Alloy, Quantity and user requirements.

We are a leading manufacturer of Bronze Bushings / Bushes, Washers, Rings, Impellers, Gear Blanks etc. for various Industries such as Tractors, Earth Movers, Cranes, Compressors, Printing Machines, Pumps, Railways etc. We are suppliers of Bushings / Washers and similar parts to most Indian OEM’s.


We have the complete facility to make the bushings from Casting to Machining.

Our Approach


We work with our customers with complete transparency and honesty. We ensure that the right product is offered that will perform. 


We ensure the products are made as per customers specification to the minutest detail as per customer drawings.


We strive to ensure customer satisfaction by ensuring that all quality prarmeters are achieved. 


 As one of the oldest companies in the industry in India, we have upgraded with the most modern machine tools available. We successfully blend old school craftsmanship with the most contemporary equipment. We are a “Full Line” producer of Bronze Bearings, Bronze Bushings and Bronze Thrust Washers for the Heavy-Duty Truck, Trailer and Construction Vehicle industries. Our products are shipped around the world and are well known for their fit and trouble free installation. 

Nearly all of our machines are controlled by computers (CNC). Our manufacturing processes include turning, boring, broaching, grooving, facing, milling, drilling, grinding and de-burring. Many of our manufacturing processes are proprietary, with the tooling made in our own tool room. 

Our Team
Ramesh Chand Jain

Founder Partner of the company since 1968.

Sumit Jain

Joined the company in 1995

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