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We have a foundry for casting with various technologies such as Sand Casting, Gravity Die Casting and Continuous Casting. 


The selection of process depends on factors such as Alloy, Quantity etc.


We are casting in Copper Alloys in various grades such as Gun Metal, Leaded Bronze, Phosphorus Bronze, Tin Bronze, Aluminium Bronze, High Tensile Brass etc.


Machining Infrastructure


We have various type of machines including CNC and Special Tailored Machines for production of Bushings, Thrust Washers and other machines parts.


We are equipped CNC Mill Turn Lathes, Vertical Machining Center with 4 Axis, CNC Lathes with Bar Feeder etc.  We also have a range of Inspection Equipment for Inspecting all the Dimensions including the shapes not measurable by regular Instruments.


We use the latest CAD CAM techniques to achieve perfection in understanding and manufacturing the parts. 


We are a ISO 9001 certified company. We believe is proper quality management in order to minimize human error and deliver a perfect product.

Our Quality policy is as follows:



  1. Proper quality management systems implementation.

  2. Timely up gradation of the manufacturing processes for better quality/production.

  3. Continually improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System



We  fully equipped with all quality equipments for perfect products. We have the complete range of measuring instruments such as a large type of Micrometers, Bore Gages, Verniers etc. We are also equipped with Profilometer, Roughness testers etc. 


We inspect all the raw material from Incoming Stage prior to use.


For Sand castings we are equipped with Complete Sand Lab for various . 


For metallurgy we are equipped with Spectrometer and Universal tester.


We have a very good reputation for Quality amongst our Customers who are different OEM's in various field such as Railways, Tractors, Earth Movers, Cranes, Industrial Machines such as Packaging etc.

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